FRIDAY 1/29/2016

  • ZMA supplement the prior night
  • Got a good night’s sleep
  • Fish oil supplement in the morning
  • Had a 2 egg omelet breakfast with toast and fruit and 8oz POM (600cal, 90C, 16F, 34P)
  • Had a fish (salmon) and veggie lunch (400cal, 36C, 18F, 128P)
  • Had a savory snack and 8oz POM (240cal, 56C, 1 F, 4P)

Not much food with 1,350 calories, 190C, 38F, 66P.

And then I took 10mg C at 1:45 PM

Strange thing is that I felt great all day until I had my lunch, it was like it decreased my libido, and that’s when I remembered that in the past I might have had salmon before disastrous dates.

The date went well, stellar performance. I would give it 4.5 stars, my girlfriend would give 5 stars.  Immediate erection, no loss of erection, lasted long enough and grand finale.

A repeat performance in the morning.

Next date:

  • Workout the day before the date, and not the day of the date
  • Egg-based breakfast early in the morning
  • Low calories day
  • Avoid salmon lunch
  • Lots of Nitric Oxide (NO) foods

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