State of things 2/5/2016


Things are better, still somewhat random results where I can’t understand the pattern, when things should be great they are fine; and when they should be lousy (refractory period) things are great like this morning for instance.

At the present moment I have cut out all supplements except for Fish Oil: 3,000mg Fish Oil (900 mg Omega-3, of which 750mg is EPA+DHA, and the rest 150mg other Omega-3) in the morning, and 1 capsule of ZMA at night (10 mg Zinc, 150 mg Magnesium, 3.5 mg B6), down from 3 capsules.
I used to take vitamin D, C, B, and creatine, I have cut them all off a couple of weeks ago. I have cut down ZMA from 3 capsule to 1.

I drink 8oz of pommegranate juice in the morning and 8oz at night, lots of kale with garlic every day, limit protein to 0.6 gr protein / day per lbs BW (source), and fats at 0.4 gr fat / day per lbs BW; with calories from carbs at ~50-60%, calories from fats at ~25-30%, and calories from protein at ~15-20%; and overall calories consumption at maintenance during my lifting days, and a 200-300 calories deficit during my rest days.

My current body fat is at ~14-15%, my target is ~12% and then maintenance or clean bulk.

Next I am going to experiment with:

  • cycling of certain micro nutrients, I am already cycling cholesterol having eggs only during my days off lifting.
  • adding L-Arginine and Pine Bark Extract to my supplement stack, 3,000 mg each.
  • cycling carrot juice extract, I now drink it sporadically.

I am still reading frantically a lot of resources, some less scientific than others. It seems like a lot of articles are hashing and rehashing the same information, adding a twist or two here and there for differentiation, shock value or both.

The search continues, I do see improvements, and all without the help of the established medical profession where so far I have seen two top rated specialists who have told me that I just have to live with it, and were not interested – actually dismissive – of what I had to say about my change in diet and lifestyle.


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