Weird Day: Friday 2/12/2016


Today was a weird day.

I was horny all day, so I asked gf to stop by for a quick oral session.  While I was hard all day, I had trouble getting hard, but then with manual stimulation I climaxed fast and with copious amount of sperm, and it felt amazing.

Maybe I was nervous, maybe I had performance anxiety.
Because recently erection has not been an issue, climaxing often is the issue.

SUMMARY OF THE DAY (Friday 2/12/2016)
– day 3 of daily sex
– overnight wood, morning wood.
– Bodyweight training
– Expanded Supplements:
– 3 Fish Oil capsule (900 mg Omega-3) / Morning
– D3, 5,000 IU / Morning
– B3 (Niacin) 400 mg / Morning
– Pine Bark Extract 1,500 mg / Morning
– L-Arginine 1,500 mg / Morning
– Pine Bark Extract 1,500 mg / Evening
– L-Arginine 1,500 mg / Evening
– I made a juice with 1 lbs carrots, 2 apples, 3 oz arugula, 6 oz celery, 1 teaspoon of ground pepper. I will be drinking it though out the day in 4×8 oz servings
– 8oz of Pineapple juice (commercial)
– Sipping green tea all day with the juice
2PM I had sex, gf stopped by for a quick oral, I had strangely I had trouble getting an erection but I was able to climax quickly and powerfully.  This was after the morning supplements, shrimp lunch, 2 eggs, and some Nitric Oxide (NO) rich foods.
– 3,000 calories, 400 C, 85F, 160 P
– Sources of protein: 2 eggs, chicken, yogurt, shrimp
– Following Day (Saturday 2/13/2016) overnight wood / morning wood but not as powerful as the prior few days.  Strange since with all the additional supplements I was expecting more/better.
– Had morning sex with gf at 7:30 AM but could not climax



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