Weird Day: Saturday 2/13/2016

– Saturday 2/13/2016: overnight wood / morning wood but not as powerful as the prior few days.  Strange since with all the additional supplements I was expecting more/better.
Day 4 of 4 days of daily sex
Had morning sex with gf at 7:30 AM but could not climax
– Weight training at the gym
– 5 mg “C” at 12 PM
Had sex at 9:00 PM, hard erection but somehow I could not climax with PIV, only by masturbation.  Got to look into lack/loss of sensitivity.
– I also read something about workouts lasting longer than 60 minutes taking a toll on Testosterone, and my gym workouts are averaging 90-100 minutes.
– 3,650 calories, 500 C, 107F, 175 P
– Sources of protein: 2 eggs, fish, yogurt, turkey

I guess I should not complain since this is day 4 of daily sex.
I can safely say that these days I have no problems achieving and maintaining erection, especially if I remain in the every-other-day sex cycle.
I am going to try by abstaining from sex tomorrow (Sunday) and go for it on Monday without any “C”.

My issue presently is that I can have sex easily but I suffer from Delayed Ejaculation (also called retarded ejaculation or inhibited ejaculation), which is good for her, but not that much fun for me after a while, and leaves the both of us without the Grand Finale.


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