WEEK 06/2016

During the past week I had some incredible improvements, I had sex every day for 5 days in a row, from Thursday 2/4/2016 to Monday 2/8/2016.



  • 2/1/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/2/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/3/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/4/2016 5:00 PM 1/5
  • 2/5/2016 12:30 PM 2/5
  • 2/6/2016 9:30 PM 3/5
  • 2/7/2016 6:00 PM 4/5


  • 2/8/2016 1:00 PM 5/5
  • 2/9/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/10/2016 9:00 PM 1/4
  • 2/11/2016 11:00 PM 2/4
  • 2/12/2016 2:00 PM (weird) 3/4
  • 2/13/2016 9:00 PM 4/4
  • 2/14/2016 NO SEX (sex only every other day)


  • Monday 2/8/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    Day 4 of 4 days of daily sex
    – Weight training at the gym
    – Some cardio (working outdoors – 3×30 minutes / 3×150 calories consumed)
    – 1 PM: stopped by gf who was working from home and we had sex, I was rock hard but after a while I gave up not sure if I could have climaxed, but she did, so she’s happy.
    – 3,250 calories, 450 C, 100F, 150 P
    – Sources of Protein: 2 eggs, lobster, cod
    – Sources of Fat: eggs, walnuts, olive oil, pistachios
    – Sources of Nitric Oxide (NO): Pomegranate juice, beets, kale, garlic, walnuts, butternut squash, arugola, carrots, baby spinach, apples, pistachios.
    – Supplement: Fish Oil, ZMA
  • Tuesday 2/9/2016: overnight wood, morning wood. Really rock hard wood.
    – Bodyweight training
    – Some cardio (working outdoors – 30 minutes / 150 calories )
    – walked 5 miles
    – No sex
    – 3,450 calories, 500 C, 94F, 160 P
    – Sources of Protein: greek yogurt, chicken breast, shrimp
    – Sources of Fat: walnuts, cheese, pistachios, avocado, olive oil
    – Sources of Nitric Oxide (NO): Pomegranate juice, beets, kale, garlic, walnuts, baby spinach, pistachios, broccoli.
    – Supplement: Fish Oil, ZMA
  • Wednesday 2/10/2016: overnight wood, morning wood. But wood was not as powerful as yesterday or prior days.  Woke up with a bit of numbness in my hands/arms I thought it was poor circulation or low blood pressure but a quick google search attributed that to the nervous system, probably sleeping in some weird position; which makes sense since if any my blood pressure should have been higher than normal since last night I was at a social function and had about 2-3 oz of cheese which led to a higher then usual fat for the day at 95-100 gr, higher sodium, and fat/sodium concentrated within one meal close to bed time.
    Still I am confident that I will have a good performance tonight.
    Day 1 of 4 days of daily sex
    Date with gf tonight
    – No workouts today
    – 10 mg “C” at 1 PM
    – Supplements: Omega-3 in the morning and ZMA last night.
    I usually don’t bring any supplements when I am going to see my gf, but today I will bring ZMA for before going to sleep and double the dose; I;m curious to see how that will affect my morning performance.
    – I don’t have good data, but it seems that my potential for performance peaks every 48 hours, I remember that was my normality ever since I was young up until not long ago. In the past few months I allowed at least 3 days rest before a date.  I will experiment with a 48 hours cycle between performances.
    Had a sex with gf tonight at 9 PM, good performance, hard (not as hard as a rock), at one point I had to take a 5 min break but went back into PLAY mode, very powerful release.  Overnight wood, morning wood.  We tried again in the morning but could not climax.
    – 2,650 calories, 425 C, 50F, 140 P
    – Sources of protein: 2 eggs, cod, yogurt, shrimp.
  • Thursday 2/11/2016: overnight wood, morning wood. Horny all day.
    Day 2 of 4 days of daily sex
    – Weight training at the gym
    – 3,200 calories, 460 C, 85F, 160 P
    – Sources of protein: 2 eggs, smoked salmon, yogurt, shrimp
    – Bad food: I was horny and frustrated and ate 2 brie cheese sandwiches.
    Had sex with gf at 11 PM, good performance, hard (not as hard as a rock), very powerful release.
  • Friday 2/12/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    Day 3 of 4 days of daily sex
    – Bodyweight training
    – Expanded Supplements:
    – 3 Fish Oil capsule (900 mg Omega-3) / Morning
    – D3, 5,000 IU / Morning
    – B3 (Niacin) 400 mg / Morning
    – Pine Bark Extract 1,500 mg / Morning
    – L-Arginine 1,500 mg / Morning
    – Pine Bark Extract 1,500 mg / Evening
    – L-Arginine 1,500 mg / Evening
    – I made a juice with 1 lbs carrots, 2 apples, 3 oz arugula, 6 oz celery, 1 teaspoon of ground pepper. I will be drinking it though out the day in 4×8 oz servings
    – 8oz of Pineapple juice (commercial)
    – Sipping green tea all day with the juice
    2PM I had sex, gf stopped by for a quick oral, I had strangely I had trouble getting an erection but I was able to climax quickly and powerfully.  This was after the morning supplements, shrimp lunch, 2 eggs, and some Nitric Oxide (NO) rich foods.
    – 3,000 calories, 400 C, 85F, 160 P
    – Sources of protein: 2 eggs, chicken, yogurt, shrimp
  • Saturday 2/13/2016: overnight wood / morning wood but not as powerful as the prior few days.  Strange since with all the additional supplements I was expecting more/better.
    Day 4 of 4 days of daily sex
    Had morning sex with gf at 7:30 AM but could not climax
    – Weight training at the gym
    – 5 mg “C” at 12 PM
    Had sex at 9:00 PM, hard erection but somehow I could not climax with PIV, only by masturbation.  Got to look into lack/loss of sensitivity.
    – I also read something about workouts lasting longer than 60 minutes taking a toll on Testosterone, and my gym workouts are averaging 90-100 minutes.
    – 3,650 calories, 500 C, 107F, 175 P
    – Sources of protein: 2 eggs, fish, yogurt, turkey
  • Sunday 2/14/2016 sleep very well and long, woke up slowly I can’t remember if I had overnight wood or morning wood. But I achieved wood easily upon waking up with gf giving morning head.
    – Bodyweight training
    – Expanded Supplements (see Friday 2/12/2016)
    – NO SEX today, I am experimenting with sex every other day, so sex tomorrow

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