I’m fed up and tired. And it’s a good thing!

DISCLAIMER: this rant article is written from a MALE perspective, because I am MALE.

I’m fed up and tired of:

  • reading scientific papers on the same topic, arriving to different conclusions
  • reading articles written by MDs and PhDs and scholars all referencing scientific papers and all giving guidelines that are in contrast with one another
  • reading classic and top selling books written by MDs and PhDs and scholars all referencing scientific papers and all giving guidelines that are in contrast with one another

What kind of science is this if there are different and divergent answers to the same questions?

I am a guy, and my sexual wellness is very important to me.  From my reading I have found out that my erectile dysfunction problem sexual dysfunction issues can be traced back to one or all of the following:

  • AGE [read below why AGE was crossed out from this list]
  • overall health
  • mental health
  • cardiovascular health
  • prostate health
  • urinary tract system health
  • reproductive organs health
  • macro nutrients:
    • calories
    • macro split
    • protein (quantity and quality)
    • fat (quantity and quality)
      • quantity of saturated fat
      • quantity of monosaturated fat
    • carbohydrates (quantity and quality)
  • micro nutrients:
    • vitamin
    • minerals
    • Nitrix Oxide (NO)
    • testosterone enhancers and inhibitors,
    • estrogen enhancers and inhibitors
    • Omega-3 fatty acids
    • ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids
  • diet: quality of foods (organic produce, grass fed animal, wild caught fish, whole and unprocessed foods…)
  • whether I workout (I do) and the length of  my workouts

And I am sure there’s more!

So, in my case, of a healthy male, the doctors that have to be involved in analyze my case would be at least:

  • my primary care physician
  • an urologist
  • a cardiologist
  • an endocrinologist
  • a mental health care professional

all of them working as a team and not in a silos, looking for ways to remedy the dysfunction to regular function without just prescribing a pill that treats the symptoms but not the root causes.

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen in the USA in 2016.  That’s material for another, much longer rant.

In the above list of causes I didn’t put AGE on the list because I believe that it’s just a way to write off this and other dysfunctions.  A healthy body should be functioning well enough to function.
The core issue is BAD HABITS which includes bad both poor lifestyle/behaviors and poor diet which compound effect over years and years, decades over decades has a cascading effect on ever increasing failures/dysfunctions that lead to more failures/dysfunctions all the way to catastrophic events and then the ultimate catastrophic event: death.

Let’s talk about the scientific studies referenced by the MDs, PhDs and scholars writing more papers, articles and books.  The duration of these studies for the vast majority is very brief, 1 week or a few weeks.  How does that extrapolate with decades of poor lifestyle/behavior and diet?  it doesn’t!


There are foods that are good for us: kale for instance.
There are foods that are bad for us: food rich in saturated fat for instance.
There are foods that are “generally considered safe” and yet we now know that are not as good for you, like refined flours (mild case) or table sugar.

Here’s my take: why am I substituting foods that are good for me with foods that are “generally considered safe” or – event worse – food that are bad?

In the past few weeks I have switched my diet completely, and tweaked a bit my workouts; and I have gone from achieving an erection once every two weeks, to have erections every nights, every morning upon waking up, and during the day with little stimulation.
And I was able to have sex daily for 5 days in a row. Does that sounds like someone with Erectile Dysfunction? Well things were not perfect, not just yet. I am working on it.
All of that by increasing my intake of foods rich in Nitric Oxide (NO).

My friends make fun of me, because I am always eating the same foods, and a lot of them: kale, beets, pomegranate juice . . . and I avoid stuff that in the past I would have enjoyed with them: pasta, beers, bacon, desserts . .

And today I was thinking: WHY NOT?
Why am I not eating ONLY those foods that are good for me?
Foods that have one of more of the following characteristics, without counteracting any others:

  • Nitric Oxide (NO) rich foods
  • Testosterone boosting foods
  • Estrogen inhibitor foods
  • Whole foods
  • Omega-3 rich foods
  • The right amount of calories to maintain my body and workouts
  • The right macro split: protein, fat, carbs
  • The right workout: weightlifting 3 days/week (maybe more), cardio the other days
  • The right timing of foods: is Intermittent Fasting the answer?
  • Do all the meal have to be balanced?
  • Should my diet be the same every day, or should I cycle carbs? Eat more during training days?
  • The right body fat %, presently at ~14%, should it be ~12%?
  • Quit any and all supplements.

Any others? Not sure. I don’t know just yet. I know that I will succeed in:

  • Stop / reverse the effects of the so-called aging on my well being and my sexual health
  • Become jacked
  • Become a sex god

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