WEEK 07/2016



  • 2/8/2016 1:00 PM 5/5
  • 2/9/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/10/2016 9:00 PM 1/4
  • 2/11/2016 11:00 PM 2/4
  • 2/12/2016 2:00 PM (weird) 3/4
  • 2/13/2016 9:00 PM 4/4
  • 2/14/2016 NO SEX (sex only every other day)

THIS WEEK (sex only every other day)

  • 2/15/2016 11 AM (with no “C”)
  • 2/16/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/17/2016 9 PM (BIG DATE) 1/6
  • 2/18/2016 9 AM 2/6 & 9 PM 3/6 (3 times in 24 hr)  NO SEX
  • 2/19/2016 9 AM 4/6 (4 times in 36 hours)  NO SEX
  • 2/20/2016 1:30 PM 5/6 (5 times in 64 hours/3.5 days)
  • 2/21/2016 5:00 PM 6/6 (6 times in 4.5 days) NO SEX


  • Monday 2/15/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    – Went to bed early last night and woke up early fully rested. And I felt great and horny, ready to have sex, but I am going to wait till after my gym workout and after gf and I have taken a shower, so we’re all clean.
    – Weight training at the gym: limited my workout to 60 minutes by switching some of the accessory work to my body weight training days.
    11:00 AM scheduled SEX (every other day) with no “C”, strong, good, felt in control of the climax all the way, with powerful and abundant climax
    – 3:30 PM, I am all relaxed and I can feel that things are great down there, I am sure that given the opportunity I could have sex again.  I am sticking with my plan to wait till the day after tomorrow for another session, I have a hot date with my gf and I will try to do a double-double!
    – felt great all day, ate lot of Nitric Oxide (NO) food
    – didn’t feel tired at all at night, went to sleep late
  • Tuesday 2/16/2016: sleep very well, woke up slowly I can’t remember if I had overnight wood or morning wood. But I achieved wood easily upon waking up.
    – woke up early, crazy-busy day at work
    – Bodyweight training, enhanced with some of the routines cut off from the gym workout
    No SEX (only every other day) preparing for big date tomorrow
    – It feels so good to be able to stroke my penis and have it grow instantly
    – Added chia seeds and flaxseed to my diet, increased fat from ~80gr to ~100 gr per day
  • Wednesday 2/17/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    – Date with gf tonight
    – 10 mg “C” at 12 PM
    9:00 PM big date with gf. Everything went well, hard, very hard, not rock hard, but very good. Long performance, half way through lost erection but with 5 minutes of foreplay and direct stimulation I was able to finish and finish BIG.
    – about 1 hour after my 9 PM performance I was able to achieve erection via direct stimulation, and the same throughout the night.
  • Thursday 2/18/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    No SEX (only every other day)
    6:30 AM. SEX in the morning, hard, but could not finish
    9:00 AM SEX, hard, powerful, and able to finish in control and finish BIG.
    9:00 PM SEX, I was horny all day, I would get hard just by casually touching, so after dinner I got curious and masturbated to porn.  It was hard, brief, in control and good quantity given this is the 3rd time in 24 hours!
    – Weight training at the gym
  • Friday 2/19/2016: went to bed late, slept well, I can’t remember if I had overnight/morning wood; but I achieved instant and hard erection upon girlfriend performing morning head.
    No SEX (every other day)
    9:00 AM SEX. I was horny and I wanted to “try” and see what happened. I masturbated to porn, it was good, powerful, quick and in control. See my 4 times in 36 hours! article.
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    – 12: 30 PM Lunch out with friends, had 1 glass of wine, cheese, buttery fish, mashed potatoes.
    – 4:00 PM – Cardio: running 3 miles
    – 7:00 PM – I feel horny and in the mood. I can achieve a good erection by direct stimulation.  Curious about having sex but I will wait till tomorrow.
  • Saturday 2/20/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    – Weight training at the gym ~60 min total
    – 12:00 had sex with gf, started great with good erection, but then I lost it somewhat while I still had high libido; so frustrated I stopped.
    – 12:15 I took 5mg “C”, I’ll try to have sex in a couple of hours
    1:30 PM SEX after “only” 5 mg of “C”, very hard, hard as a rock, the hardest I have experienced in a very long time, powerful, and in control. I could have climaxed in 5-10 minutes but I opted to control it and play longer till I was ready. Easy, powerful, and copious release; and it remained hard for quite a while afterward
    – “C” worked, while only 5 mg and just 75 minutes before and on a full stomach. “C” is slower when taken with food, and usually for me it’s best if taken >3 hours prior to use.
    – 11 PM, I had a long day, worked out hard at the gym, walked a lot, had a big dinner out, still eating here at home, and I can achieve big, powerful and hard erection upon direct stimulation.  I am tempted to test the waters either solo (masturbating) or with gf; but I’d rather stick to the plan since I have a date on Monday and then again my BIG DATE on Wednesday.
  • Sunday 2/21/2016: overnight wood (hard as a rock), morning wood.  Gf gave me morning head and it was good.
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    No SEX (every other day), tomorrow I have a date
    – I feel horny I am tempted to have sex with gf but I don’t want to chance it, it’s frustrating when I can’t perform/finish, and I want to have a good performance tomorrow
    – at 5:00 PM my date for tomorrow got cancelled, so I decided to give it a go and had sex with my gf.  Hard and strong erection with minimum direct stimulation.  She was having a good time, but I had trouble releasing (maintaining erection was OK).  I had to finish by manual stimulation with strong and big release

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