Let’s FIX this!

I am lost. I have no idea what happened yesterday.
I had a date for which I prepared just like I prepared last week, but things didn’t go right.



  • Tuesday 2/23/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    – Woke up early at 4:30 AM fully rested. I can’t remember if I had overnight wood, and no morning wood; but achieved sensitive wood upon direct stimulation.  Had to stop since I didn’t want to get overly stimulated. Went back to sleep at 5:30 AM and slept well and deep for another hour or so developing night wood, and waking up with a solid wood.  Gf gave me morning head and it felt amazingly and sensitive, I felt like I could have finished by oral only, and for sure I could have had good sex with her; but I am saving myself for my BIG DATE tomorrow.
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    Cardio no time, too much work, and didn’t want to overtrain.
    – NO SEX
    – 7:30 PM, I am excited about my BIG DATE tomorrow, I don’t feel particularly horny but if I touch myself just a little I am able to achieve a quick erection; I don’t dare to go any further than a little touch because I don’t want to get overly excited.
    – Tomorrow I am going to be out and about all day, no workout at all.  I’m looking forward to my BIG DATE and I know that I’m going to be powerful and in control.
  • Wednesday 2/24/2016: I don’t remember if I had overnight wood/morning wood, but gf gave me morning head and achieved decent erection.
    – No training at all today
    – 10 mg “C” at 12 PM 11:30 AM
    – gf was sick and cancelled our date; later on we decided to quickly meet at 8 PM, before she arrived I wasn’t feeling too excited.  Once she arrived and we were naked in bed, it took me a few minutes to achieve partial erection, then after a while I was able to finish but it was not as good and powerful as I was expecting, considering 2 days’ rest, proper diet, NO rich diet, and 10 mg of “C”.
    – COULD IT BE TOO MUCH Nitric Oxide (NO)?
    – Decrease intake of Nitric Oxide (NO) rich foods by 50%
    – Decrease intake of fruit by 50%
    – Decrease intake of fruit juices by 50%


It’s frustrating that I thought I had found the “cure”, or at lest I was getting there, but I guess I am wrong. And I can’t see any good patterns either positive or negative that I can follow or counteract.

This is what I know for sure:

  • Nitric Oxide (NO) helps
  • “C” is not working as well as it used to.



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