WEEK 08/2016



  • 2/15/2016 11 AM (with no “C”)
  • 2/16/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/17/2016 9 PM (BIG DATE) 1/6
  • 2/18/2016 9 AM 2/6 & 9 PM 3/6 (3 times in 24 hr)  NO SEX
  • 2/19/2016 9 AM 4/6 (4 times in 36 hours)  NO SEX
  • 2/20/2016 1:30 PM 5/6 (5 times in 64 hours/3.5 days)
  • 2/21/2016 5:00 PM 6/6 (6 times in 4.5 days) NO SEX

THIS WEEK (sex only every other day)

  • 2/22/2016 SEX cancelled NO SEX
  • 2/23/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/24/2016 8:00 PM SEX (BIG DATE)
  • 2/25/2016 1:00 PM SEX NO SEX / bad day
  • 2/26/2016 5:30 PM SEX / bad day
  • 2/27/2016 DATE -> NO ERECTION ->NO SEX / bad day
  • 2/28/2016 9:30 PM SEX (oral)


  • Monday 2/22/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    – Woke up early, slept well but less hours than usual
    – Weight training at the gym
    – NO SEX. I was scheduled to have sex but I have had too much sex recently, 6 times in less than 5 days, and I want to be ready for big date with girlfriend on Wednesday.
    – I was supposed to add L-Citruline and Vitamin C today but I postponed to Thursday, the day after my big date, I don’t want to mess things up with the big date.
    – I feel horny still, I can touch a bit and get an erection, I know I would be able to maintain the erection, but I don’t think I would be able to finish/release.
    – My penis feels bigger somehow, actually it feels full of blood, while before I started the high Nitric Oxide (NO) diet it felt and looked devoided of any fluids (blood) inside.
    – 9:30 AM, went to the girlfriend, for my ~60 minutes resistance training workout. Good workout, felt good.  Came back not as horny as I was this morning.
    – 1:30 PM [TEST] had walnuts to see if they have any short term “effect”
    – 4:00 PM [TEST] had 8oz of celery juice to see if it has any short term “effect”
    – 5:30 PM. Hanging out in my underwear after work and before dinner.  Casually touched myself and instantly achieved a hard erection, and my libido level is though the roof.  Tomorrow is going to be HARD (pun intended) and then there’s yet another day to my BIG DATE on Wednesday.  This is quite a difference when taking into account that I have had sex 6 times in the past 5 days; and that just a month ago I was laying in bed with my smoking hot naked girlfriend, watching porn, with 10 mg of “C” in me, and still I could not achieve erection.
    – Went to bed early since I was tired and sleepy.
  • Tuesday 2/23/2016: overnight wood, morning wood.
    – Woke up early at 4:30 AM fully rested. I can’t remember if I had overnight wood, and no morning wood; but achieved sensitive wood upon direct stimulation.  Had to stop since I didn’t want to get overly stimulated. Went back to sleep at 5:30 AM and slept well and deep for another hour or so developing night wood, and waking up with a solid wood.  Gf gave me morning head and it felt amazingly and sensitive, I felt like I could have finished by oral only, and for sure I could have had good sex with her; but I am saving myself for my BIG DATE tomorrow.
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    Cardio no time, too much work, and didn’t want to overtrain.
    – NO SEX
    – 7:30 PM, I am excited about my BIG DATE tomorrow, I don’t feel particularly horny but if I touch myself just a little I am able to achieve a quick erection; I don’t dare to go any further than a little touch because I don’t want to get overly excited.
    – Tomorrow I am going to be out and about all day, no workout at all.  I’m looking forward to my BIG DATE and I know that I’m going to be powerful and in control.
  • Wednesday 2/24/2016: I don’t remember if I had overnight wood/morning wood, but gf gave me morning head and achieved decent erection.
    – No training at all today
    – 10 mg “C” at 12 PM 11:30 AM
    8:00 PM SEX.  Gf was sick and cancelled our date; later on we decided to quickly meet at 8 PM, before she arrived I wasn’t feeling too excited.  Once she arrived and we were naked in bed, it took me a few minutes to achieve partial erection, then after a while I was able to finish but it was not as good and powerful as I was expecting, considering 2 days’ rest, proper diet, NO rich diet, and 10 mg of “C”.
    – COULD IT BE TOO MUCH Nitric Oxide (NO)?
    – Decrease intake of Nitric Oxide (NO) rich foods by 50%
    – Decrease intake of fruit by 50%
    – Decrease intake of fruit juices by 50%
  • Thursday 2/25/2016: no overnight wood, no morning wood. I feel like things are dead down there; and it’s taking a toll on my mood too: I feel deflated.
    Early in the morning before getting up I tried direct stimulation and very little happened.
    STRANGE: I didn’t change any protocol yesterday or the day before, I didn’t train, I didn’t have sex, I slept enough, I am rested, and I had 10 mg of “C” in me: all indicators would lead to a good performance!  Just last week I had sex 6 times in less than 5 days!  Very upsetting!
    STRANGE: I Somehow I had more food than usual, and not training, while I don’t think that was an issue, it might have been: 4,150 calories, 520 gr carbs (fiber 74 gr, sugars 318 gr), 160 gr fat (SAT 29 gr; POLU 26 gr), 180 gr protein.
    STRANGE: Macros: C 49% F 34% P 17%. Fats are OK (source), maybe too many calories / protein?
    – Could it be that my Testosterone levels were all out of whack due to: high fibers (decreases T), high sugars (spikes insulin), high protein (always a suspect) and high calories (it shouldn’t matter but…).  I am also moody and low energy, like one of those advertisements for TRT.
    – Weight training at the gym: it sucked!  I was depressed but I went anyway, I felt weak and deflated, didn’t load the bar as much as I was scheduled to do, I didn’t want to get hurt.
    – Pre-workout 1: 2 oranges
    – Pre-workout 2: 6 bread rolls, 5 oz ham, 2 oz cheese, POM. 1,900 calories, 240 gr Carb, 70 gr Fat, 75 gr Protein. Comfort food, felt great!
    1:00 PM SEX (solo) – Came back from the gym, I wasn’t really feeling it, depressed and bored. Then I was curious what would happen, so I fired up some porn and started direct stimulation and before you know I had an orgasm, good, powerful enough, quick, and good load.
    – Today I had planned on adding L-Citruline (750 mg/day) and Vitamin C (1,000 mg/day) but I will NOT, I don’t want to mess things up, I want to have a good baseline before adding enhancements.
    – 4:00 PM I am horny and I have a good erection. Not sure if I could complete/release with sex, but I would surely be able to maintain the erection. And I have been eating crap and drinking alcohol
  • Friday 2/26/2016: overnight wood, no morning wood.  Gf played with me and got me hard. Felt good.
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    – Tweaking diet a bit, decreasing simple carbs, adding complex carbs, added some supplements
    – 11:00 AM 10 mg of “C”, later on I am going to visit gf at the office for a nooner
    – I was thinking that usually I am constantly eating, especially drinking my thick vegetable juice/shake which has a fair amount of carbs.  The carbs do spike my Insulin, and also just eating decreases the amount of available Testosterone.  So if I have decreased Testosterone and Insuline spiked all day long, it cannot be good for me. The solution is fewer and bigger meals. So now I am having a monstrous lunch, then I’ll have a snack mid afternoon, then a monstrous dinner, then an after dinner snack. And that’s just about it.
    – LUNCH: 1,500 calories, 180 gr Carb, 52 gr Fat, 90 gr Protein
    – 5:30 PM SEX. Nooer with gf didn’t work out so we postponed to after work.
    I had trouble getting an erection, then once I kept going it was OK, hard enough but not in control.  After a while I could feel I was losing my erection with PIV, so we switched to HJ. It was ok, climaxed in reasonable time and decent load.
    – Looking in retrospect, this is day 3 of 3 days of sex. I should stick to my sex-every-other-day plan.
    – I am frustrated!  My diet is OK, lots of supposedly good supplements and yet performance is not what it was just a few months ago.
    – HUNCH: Maybe too many high glycemic index carbs? A quick google search came up with this “Cure erectile dysfunction just by removing certain carbohydrates” “…toying with your blood sugar by eating white carbs all the time leads to low free testosterone levels.”
    BINGED: I was upset so I binged on ham and cheese sandwiches.
    – Macros: 5,000 calories, 650 Carb (60 Fiber/293 Sugars), 165 Fat (37 Sat/7 Poli / 22 Mono), 240 Protein.
  • Saturday 2/27/2016: moderate overnight wood, moderate morning wood.  Didn’t feel like morning head from gf.
    – Didn’t sleep much/well last night
    CHANGE: Morning supplement, took only Vitamin D3, doubled to 10,000 IU (2 capsule).
    CHANGE: switching to a high Saturated Fat/High Cholesterol Diet, Low Glycemic Index Carbs, and limiting vegetable fats. (Source)
    – 8:00 AM. Got a sexy text from gf and… got me so excited I got an erection with just a little direct stimulation.
    – 8:20 AM. Gf keeps texting me sexy stuff and making me horny and get an erection.
    – Weight training at the gym
    CHANGE: 4 eggs, 1 orange, and carrot juice for breakfast
    CHANGE: having burger (red meat) for lunch
    – 11:30 AM 10 mg “C” in preparation for DATE with gf
    – 2:20 PM 4 Brazil Nuts for Selenium (recommended 2 per day)
    – 2:30 PM: I am worried about my upcoming date [performance anxiety]. As I am watching TV I directly stimulated myself and achieved a decent erection, I feel it would be good enough for PIV sex without condom (more sensitivity).  Less than 2 hours so there’s time for things to take effect: NO, Testosterone, etc…
    – 3:30 PM my penis doesn’t look as engorged as it looked all afternoon.
    – 3:30 PM took 8 oz of POM
    – 4:00 PM DATE with gf: NO SEX. She’s beautiful and hot, we kissed a lot but nothing was happening, no working erection.
    CHANGE: having lamb (red meat) for dinner
    – 6:30 PM: Had dinner with lamb, sweet potatoes, kale, lentils.
    – 7:30 PM, got an healthy erection with little direct stimulation while writing sexting with gf.
    – 10:00 PM, had decent erection, gf gave me a bit of oral, it was OK. I stopped it, didn’t want to get frustrated, maybe I could have finished, maybe no.
    – 11:00 finished analyzing data, see post “Trying to make some sense”, it is pretty evident that I was at a good point on 2/17 to 2/22 when on 2/22 after 6 sex sessions in 4.5 days I posted “Casually touched myself and instantly achieved a hard erection, and my libido level is though the roof.”  Starting tomorrow 2/28 I am reverting back to that regiment eliminating Citruline / C / Folic Acid / Carnitine, and going back to high Nitric Oxide (NO) / High Omega-3 diet.
    – 11:30 PM, trying to remedy with POM / Cranberry juice / walnut / pistachios / pumpkin seeds.
  • Sunday 2/28/2016: overnight wood, morning wood. Not hard rock, but very good.
    – Last night I attempted a rescue mission of some sort with some Pomegranate juice, cranberries juice, walnuts, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds.  It did add quite a few calories to my macros but I felt it was worth it.
    And it was: I had overnight wood all night, and morning wood. And I can achieve erection just with a little direct stimulation.  Not incredible solid hard, but very hard.  Gf game me morning head this morning and felt good, I am not sure if I could release so I stopped, since I didn’t want to be frustrated and I wanted to build up some no-sex rest time. However I have sex scheduled for today.
    – Today I go back to the protocol that I followed 2/17 to 2/21 which, looking in retrospect, worked great.
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    – 1:00 PM just finished a huge lunch.  I am now having separate meals, instead of eating constantly all day long: doesn’t inhibits Testosterone, and I don’t have insulin spiked constantly.
    – 1:15 – PM Just with a little direct stimulation I am able to achieve full, hard erection, good enough for SEX.
    – 8:00 PM – finished a big dinner, with lots of food.  I have eaten a lot all day. I can achieve decent erection with some direct stimulation, but definitely less sensitive than at 1:15 PM today, partly due to the fact that I have had 2 meals this afternoon spiking my insulin and decreasing my available Testosterone, still there are some sign of life.  Soon I will try and have sex with gf.
    – 8:40 PM – I still had some food to eat (fruits, fruit juices and nuts), so I snacked on while watching TV and I am just too fool, so much so that I can’t finish all the food that I had in my protocol.  I don’t feel like sex at all.  I am sure than in a few hours I will be horny as hell.  Maybe I’ll wake up gf in the middle of the night and have sex
    9:30 PM SEX (oral). I ate so much and felt too full to have sex.  Then while watching TV I started some direct stimulation and I got a decent erection. I joined gf in bed, started making out, erection got harder and harder, and got oral sex.
    It was good, powerful enough, maintained the erection throughout, and quick and bog release. Still not 100% but what a difference from just yesterday!
    – Today’s food: 4,081 calories, 516 C (84 F, 324 S)/ 157 F (25 S, 26 P, 34 M)/ 165 P
    –  Ideal Protocol: >3,000 cal, ~100 F, 150-170 P.
    – Today’s macro split: 50/34/16
    – I need to figure out a way to eat less food, I need to still eat a lot of Nitric Oxide (NO) rich food, and adequate protein and fat, with enough carbs so that I don’t lose weight.

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