The morning after

So last night I went back to my notes and analyzed WHAT HAPPENED? and is became very clear that at one point I had create a pretty good protocol which then went down the drain because I wanted more, I succumbed to the lure of marketing ploy of supplement companies, and I wanted to simplify the process.


  • 6 x OMEGA-3 (2×3) / 2 x ZMA / D3 / 4 x B3 (Niacin)  / 6 x L-Arginine (2×3) / Pine Bark Extract
  • Carrot / pepper / tomato / garlic / arugula / celery / pineapple / spinach / avocado / apples / peppers
  • Chia / Flax / Hemp / Cacao
  • Eggs / mackerel / sardines
  • Blueberries / pineapple / watermelon / orange / banana
  • Avocado / asparagus
  • 2 pomegranate juice / 1 cranberry juice
  • Walnuts / Pumpkin / Pistachios
  • Chicken breast / shrimp / salmom / crabmeat
  • >3,000 cal, 150-170 P, ~100 F

Last night I attempted a rescue mission of some sort with some Pomegranate juice, cranberries juice, walnuts, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds.  It did add quite a few calories to my macros but I felt it was worth it.
And it was: I had overnight wood all night, and morning wood. And I can achieve erection just with a little direct stimulation.  Not incredible solid hard, but very hard.  Gf game me morning head this morning and felt good, I am not sure if I could release so I stopped, since I didn’t want to be frustrated and I wanted to build up some no-sex rest time.

Not sure yet what to experiment in the future, I want to have a week or so to stabilize my system and return to the performance of 2/17 – 2/22; from there my priorities will be:

  1. simplify the process
  2. increase the power

Additional goals are to cease the dependency on “C” which seems to have diminishing returns and making things worse; and more in-depth studies of the Endocrine System and how it’s affected by the foods we eat. Now more than ever I am convinced that the root cause of all health issues is the food that we eat and erectile dysfunction is just a symptom, not an illness; a symptom of bigger underlining issues that need to be addressed by addressing the root causes. No temporary Band-Aid solutions!

As a by-product I will also study the Immune System since today’s lifestyle affects the Immune Systems by:

  • decreasing the effectiveness of the Immune System
  • misfiring of the Immune System that attacks healthy components of the human body.

The Journey continues


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