WEEK 09/2016



  • 2/22/2016 SEX cancelled NO SEX
  • 2/23/2016 NO SEX
  • 2/24/2016 8:00 PM SEX (BIG DATE)
  • 2/25/2016 1:00 PM SEX NO SEX / bad day
  • 2/26/2016 5:30 PM SEX / bad day
  • 2/27/2016 DATE -> NO ERECTION ->NO SEX / bad day
  • 2/28/2016 9:30 PM SEX (oral)


  • 2/29/2016 NO SEX
  • 3/1/2016 NO SEX [BAD DAY / NO-E / ANALYSIS]
  • 3/2/2016 10:00 PM – BIG DATE [CHANGES MADE]
  • 3/3/2016 NO SEX 7AM and 10 PM, PIV/NR 1/2
  • 3/4/2016 10:00 PM SEX, no “C”, GOOD 2/2
  • 3/5/2016 11:50 PM – a bit weird
  • 3/6/2016 SEX (solo last night)


  • 2/29/2016: overnight wood (just ok), some morning wood.
    – Slept 8 hours, woke up at 6:00 AM, got up at 7:00 AM
    – Didn’t sleep much, didn’t sleep well. Performance anxiety about Wednesday’s BIG DATE.
    – I am able to attain a decent erection via direct stimulation, not sure if it would be enough for sex.
    – continuing same protocol as yesterday, trying to decrease the amount of food, limit fats, and have few large meals instead of eating continuously throughout the day.
    – 8:30 AM – penis is more sensitive than this morning, feels and looks engorged (it’s a good sign).
    – NO SEX
    – Weight training at the gym 10:20 to 11:20
    – quit FlaxSeed supplementation. The science is not that clear, some sources says it’s bad for Testosterone, some sources says it doesn’t affect Testosterone. I could not find any reliable sources saying that it helps Testosterone levels. Chia seeds and Hemp Hearts remain.
    – Pine Bark Extract is best when mixed with Greek yogurt and bananas
    – 1:00 PM – texting with my gf I got the beginning of an erection, and then with little direct stimulation I achieved a full good erection.  I didn’t want to proceed so that I don’t get overly excited that I want to masturbate.
    – 3:00 PM – feeling OK. Curious about the state of things I quickly started a porn to get in the mood and initiated direct stimulation. Within 2-3 minutes I got a workable erection and felt very much in control. Stopped because I didn’t want to get overly aroused.  Good sign.
    – 9:30 PM – finished dinner.  Today I managed to have a few meals with a few hours of fasting in between instead of eating continuously; and I don’t feel stuffed.
    – 9:30 PM – feeling ok, if I apply some direct stimulation I can easily achieve an erection, not rock hard, but I am sure it would be a workable sustainable erection.
    I am going to abstain from sex till Wednesday for my BIG DATE.
    – Today’s food: 4,122 calories, 577 C (85 F, 350 S)/ 128 F (19 S, 24 P, 34 M)/ 188 P
    –  Ideal Protocol: >3,000 cal, ~100 F, 150-170 P.
    – Today’s macro split: 55/28/17
  • 3/1/2016 overnight wood, morning wood (very good, almost as hard as a rock, persistent).
    – Slept 8.5 hours, woke up at 6:30 AM, went to bed at 10 PM
    – NO SEX
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced (7×20 / 5×9)
    – Today’s meals
    * 8:00 AM Breakfast (supplements, coffee, eggs)
    * 12:00 PM Lunch (big)
    * 4:00 PM Lunch #2 (light)
    * 7:00 PM Dinner (big)
    – 12:45 – just finished lunch, feel full but not too much
    – 12:45 – I just don’t feel that aroused, sure I am excited about my Big Date tomorrow, and my girlfriend just sexted me, but I just don’t feel anything physical down there. Weird. And worried a bit.
    – 1:00 PM – tried to achieve erection by direct stimulation but failed, so I gave up after a few minutes. It felt good, I was somewhat engorged, but no sign of erection.
    – 1:1o PM – took about 5 mg of “C”, probably less.  Curious to see if it will do something today and how it will affect tomorrow when I will take 10 mg of “C”
    – 2:00 PM – I just checked the levels of NO (saliva test) and my NO is through the roof (a good sign) which means that my issues is Testosterone/hormonal/endocrinological (not a good sign).
    – I spent all afternoon analyzing my food and supplements for the past month, didn’t finished eating my food, so my macros are not in line. I skipped some of my nuts, some greek yogurt, some berries, my salmon dinner and other minor things. I did have 2 eggs over easy over whole wheat toast with pomegranate juice, and 2 oranges at about 10 PM.
    – Today’s food: 3,056 calories, 424 C (58 F, 240 S)/ 100 F (19 S, 14 P, 20 M)/ 124 P
    –  Ideal Protocol: >3,000 cal, ~100 F, 150-170 P.
    – Today’s macro split: 55/29/16
    – 11 PM: sexting with gf made me marginally hard, I am engorged (sign of good blood flow), maybe I could have been harder if I continues direct stimulation.  Surely a LOT better than it was this afternoon.
  • 3/2/2016 some overnight wood, some morning wood.
    – Slept well enough, woke up at 6:30.
    – Got a barely-OK erection, got little head from gf and we did a bit of PIV sex, it was OK, not too hard not too soft, not sure if I was about to lose erection since I was not into it and we did little foreplay.  I think I could have finished, but I am saving myself for tonight’s BIG DATE.
    – All in all this morning’s performance was a lot better then the yesterday’s situation.  It’s very peculiar how things can change in just a few hours!
    – I decided to skip my Omega-3 supplement. For one I think that all my supplements are detrimental; additionally fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon) seem to cause my E.D.: too much Omega-3?
    – I am going to be out and about all day today, so I will have to prepare and pack my food for the entire day.
    One thing I noticed for going forward: earlier in the month, during my Golden Period, I was balancing each meal to match my daily macros split. I will do that today too and going forward.
    – no training of any kind
    – 8:45 AM: breakfast (balanced)
    – 11:00 AM: Lunch 1
    – 11:05 AM: I am having lunch, and I decided to test things. So I put some porn on and started direct stimulation. Slowly but steadily I achieved a workable, powerful, and in control erection, not rock hard but I stopped before I got overly-excited. I might have some performance anxiety I am aware of that, but I am sure tonight I will be fine, and in the near future it will be even better.
    – I’ve decided that starting tomorrow I am going to mimic my diet of the Golden Days (2/4/2016 – 2/21/2016)
    – 12 PM 10 mg “C”
    – 2:30 PM: Lunch 2
    – BIG DATE
    – 10 PM SEX.  It took me quite a while of direct stimulation to achieve a somewhat decent erection, not rock hard, but enough for PIV.  It was powerful enough, in control enough, and I rushed to the end because I didn’t want to lose erection.
    – Today’s food: 2,687 calories, 331 C (43 F, 200 S)/ 74 F (18 S, 2 P, 9 M)/ 130 P
    –  Ideal Protocol: >3,000 cal, ~100 F, 150-170 P.
    – Today’s macro split: 53/27/21
  • 3/3/2016 some overnight wood, hard rock morning wood
    – 7:00 SEX (no release) with HARD AS A ROCK wood. It’s amazing what a difference a few hours make, and how DETOX from bad supplements gets me back into shape and into the game!
    – NO SEX (sex with no release)
    – Weight training at the gym: ~60 min from 11:30 to 12:30 which is good since this way I will try to have an 8 hours feeding window and 16 hours fasting window Intermittent Fasting / LeanGains style).
    – Post workout shake: 620 calories 85C/20F/30P
    – Went to a party, abstained from alcohol, had cheese & crackers, about 1 oz of roast beef, and some veggies
    – 10:00 PM wanted to see, achieved a decent erection, had PIV sex but didn’t want to release, didn’t feel that powerful, didn’t feel much in control.
    – Today’s food: 2,603 calories, 301 C (45 F, 113 S)/ 91 F (22 S, 2 P, 11 M)/ 169 P
    –  Ideal Protocol: >3,000 cal, ~100 F, 150-170 P.
    – Today’s macro split: 45/30/25
    – 10:30 PM NO levels = 220
    – 10:30 PM going to sleep
  • 3/4/2016 some overnight wood, good morning wood (almost rock hard / persistent)
    – 6:30 AM woke up – slept ~8 hours
    – Intermittent Fasting / LeanGains:
    * 08:00 AM coffee / psyllium husk
    * 12:00 PM Greek yogurt and eggs
    * 4:00 PM chicken lunch
    * 7:30 PM shrimp dinner
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    – Today’s food: 2,786 calories, 345 C (51 F, 205 S)/ 91 F (13 S, 2 P, 9 M)/ 161 P
    –  Ideal Protocol: >3,000 cal, ~100 F, 150-170 P.
    – Today’s macro split: 48/29/23
    – 10:00 PM SEX (no “C”), normal time to erection, not immediate, just normal; good erection, not rock hard, but very good; in control, no risk of loss of erection, powerful enough, long lasting enough with no rush to finish; good and big finish.
    – 00:45 AM – Nitric Oxide (NO) levels = 160
    – 00:45 AM: going to sleep.
  • 3/5/2016 overnight wood, some morning wood (not as rock hard as yesterday, not persistent)
    – 6:30 AM woke up – slept ~5 hours
    – NO SEX
    – Weight training at the gym
    – Intermittent Fasting / LeanGains:
    * 07:00 AM coffee / psyllium husk
    * 12:00 PM Greek yogurt and eggs
    * 4:00 PM fish lunch
    * 7:30 PM red meat dinner
    – 8:00 AM – while I don’t have an erection I feel great as if I could achieve an erection any time and perform.  I did some direct stimulation and in a few seconds I achieved a workable erection!  What a difference from last Saturday!
    – It is safe to say that I have established a good baseline. I feel like that I could do a better job in (prioritized list):
    1. selecting my main sources of Protein
    2. possibly increasing the quantity of Protein
    3. selecting the sources of my carbs
    4. balancing it all
    5. supplements / special foods.
    – 9:00 PM – worked all day, just resting watching TV. Things feel OK but I am not sure if I could achieve an erection even with direct stimulation.
    – 9:30 – Nitric Oxide (NO) levels = ~870 (MAX).
    – Too much NO? Today and especially tonight at dinner I ate a lot of spinach, arugula and beets. Then I measured my Nitric Oxide (NO) levels and they were through the roof. I remember this being the case once before when I was not feeling it. Starting tomorrow I will be decreasing the amount of Nitric Oxide (NO) foods.
    – Too much garlic lowering the blood pressure? Starting tomorrow I will quit garlic.
    – 11:50 PM – SEX. Weird: things seemed to be dead, but it looked OK and engorged enough. After a little direct stimulation I was able to release (solo).  It would have been good enough for sex, yet it’s a but weird.
    – Today’s food: 3,434 calories, 436 C (51 F, 221 S)/ 113 F (31 S, 0 P, 0 M)/ 171 P
    – 8% of calories from SAT
    –  Ideal Protocol: >3,000 cal, ~100 F, 150-170 P.
    – Today’s macro split: 51/29/20
    – 00:45 AM: went to sleep
  • 3/6/2016 overnight wood (good), some morning wood (almost as rock hard as yesterday, and persistent). Very good considering that I had solo sex late last night
    – 8:00 AM woke up – slept 7+ hours
    – 8:44 AM – Nitric Oxide (NO) levels = 65 (LOW)
    – Today’s experiment: no garlic, decrease Nitric Oxide (NO) rich foods, ~2,200 calories
    SEX (had solo sex last night)
    – Bodyweight training – enhanced
    – Intermittent Fasting / LeanGains:
    * 07:00 AM coffee / psyllium husk
    * 11:00 PM Greek yogurt and eggs
    * 2:00 PM chicken lunch
    * 6:00 PM pasta & fish dinner
    – Today’s food: 3,346 calories, 373 C ( 40 F,  129 S)/ 103 F (26 S, 3 P, 21 M)/ 252 P
    – 7% of calories from SAT
    –  Ideal Protocol: >3,000 cal, ~100 F, 150-170 P.
    – Today’s macro split: 44/27/29
    – 10:30 PM – Nitric Oxide (NO) levels = ~220 (on Target).
    – 10:30 PM:  I tried direct stimulation and nothing happened. NOTHING, I could not achieve an erection, not even a sign of erection. My Nitric Oxide (NO) levels are on Target, physically I feel great, I am strong according to my lift, my cardiovascular health is great; therefore the only logical and reasonable explanation that I have is that the issues resides with my Testosterone and my entire hormonal system.
    Starting tomorrow I am going to decrease fat intake to 0.3 grams per pound of fat-free mass per day, or about 53 grams (source).
    Moreover the Golden Days in February were characterized by lower fat intake as well.
    – 10:45 PM – had 8 oz pf Pomegranate juice
    – 11:10 PM – involuntarily achieved a small yet powerful erection (engorged) by casual direct stimulation.
    – 11:30 PM – going to sleep.

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