Did I screw up my Endocrine system?

Endocrine Dysfunction?

A few months ago I went to see an endocrinologist, I felt I was lucky to see her since she is one of the top endocrinologists in the U.S. and during the visit she reminded me of all the panels she’s in and all the research teams she leads.
Her talking about her credential and accomplishments took about 50% of the time.  Her interrupting me in my stories and observations and dismiss them took about 25% of the time, the remaining time she just reiterated like a politician her sound bytes: “it’s age related, get used to it”.

According to her my choice of quantity and quality of foods had nothing to do with my erectile dysfunction issue, and she decided so without even listening to what I had to say.

My persona debrief is that she saw a middle-aged man, a good looking and fit middle-aged man who’s trying to living it up sexually and she decided that it was all beyond what I should expect out of life. And provided not solutions or reliefs.

So, why did I go there to seek her expertise and experience?

I am no MD and PhD. But this is what I know that science and MDs agree:

  • The quantity of fat in any diet affects the hormonal system
  • The quality of fat in any diet affects the hormonal system
  • The quantity of calories in a diet (surplus or deficit) affects the hormonal system
  • The quantity of carbohydrates in a diet affects the hormonal system

So, here I am.  In the past 3 years my diet has gone to extremes in terms of quantity of protein (high), quantity of fat (high) and quantity of carbs (low); and that is a fact.  What is also a fact is that my hormonal system is out of whack.
Coincidence?  I think not.
My primary care physician, one of the top in my city, told me to get used to it that there’s nothing she can do.
One of the top endocrinologist in the U.S. old me to get used to it that there’s nothing she can do.

I am not going to stand still and do nothing.
I can’t.
I owe it to myself to not give up, to not give in.

This is my life. I am in charge, not my consultants. I accept their opinions, their expert opinions what for they are: opinions.
The facts are that my condition is not definite since it has has ups and downs, somewhat correlated with my diet, but I have not yet found a protocol that works for me in the long run.

The solution that I am seeking is a natural solution, something that Big Pharma can’t monetize on, something that no institution wants to fund, something that no research team is ever going to get any Nobel prize or any prize for that matter.
Quite the opposite. If research facilities were to encourage, let alone fund such research, they would alienate the entire Big Pharma community who would in turn cut off funding and pledges.
And the Food industry at large likes it just the way it is, and it is not so keen on pointing fingers for the root cause of erectile dysfunction to the content of 90% of the supermarket’s isles. No way!

That’s why google searches for erectile dysfunction is a hodgepodge of spam, crappy ebooks, misleading blog post, sensationalized articles, and a plethora of shortcuts and magic bullets. And none of them works. And even Google Scholar results are populated with scientific papers supporting the use of pde5 inhibitors type drugs, the usual suspects.

As of today 3/6/2016 I have achieved measurable progress by eliminating all my supplements and special foods, tangible proof that what I eat affects my erectile dysfunction.
My experiment continues, mostly by eliminating foods and establishing a working baseline, then tweaking with:

  • Quantity of fat, protein, carbs; and therefore calories.
    The next iteration is to increase protein to 1 grams per lbs body weight per day, or about 200 gr/day (source); decrease fat to 0.3 grams per pound of fat-free mass per day, or about 53 grams (source); with total daily calories to a weight gain of 1.25-1.5 lbs per month of body weight.
  • Quality of foods: continuing alternating lean meats with fish and fat free Greek yogurt as main sources of protein; whole foods for carbs; oily fish, avocado, walnuts, olive oil as main sources of fat; and good amounts of vegetables and Nitric Oxide (NO) rich foods.

The journey continues!


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