Open letter to my doctors

This is my open letter to my 2 doctors:

  • Primary care physician, top rated in my city, one of the largest cities in the US.
  • Endocrinologist, top rated in the U.S., serving on various national panels, research boards

I came to you with my erectile dysfunction issue. You barely listened to me. You interrupted me when I was telling you the changes in my lifestyle, going from a sedentary lifestyle to working out lifting weights 3-6 times a week.  You didn’t want to hear about my change in dietary habits either, going from a pseudo-vegetarian diet to a high protein diet, then very high protein/high fat and low carbohydrates diet, back to a high protein diet. You dismissed my inquiries whether my dietary changes could have affected my erectile dysfunction since the timing seemed correlated to me, so maybe there’s a causation too?

You both repeated the same line: it’s age-related, get used to it.

And when I voiced that my “C” pill is no longer working you suggested I either increase the dosage or switch to another pill for erectile dysfunction like “V” or “L”.

That was the best you could do for me from the height of your education, experience, specialization, and being top in your field.

You probably saw a middle-aged man desperately trying to holding on to something as fleeting as a passing youth with its own symbols of virility; and you felt compelled to move on to better and more important things.

I went back home frustrated and desperate, but not a quitter.

I have not succeeded yet, and to me success means to have a sex life better then when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. In the meanwhile at the very least I have proven you wrong. By changing my diet and tweaking my workout I went from 20 mg of “C” not working at all, to being able to have powerful sex without any “C” and at one point to have sex 6 times within the span of 5 days.

While I don’t have a proven and repeatable protocol, it is clear that diet affect my sexual health. As specialists in your field you failed due to either ignorance or arrogance, and I suspect the two are correlated.

What is a patient to do?  I do believe that in my own little world what I have discovered is important, very important for 2 reasons:

  1. It has improved the quality of my life by orders of magnitude,
  2. With all my researches, readings, and personal experience and experimentations, I am convinced that erectile dysfunction is not an illness per se, but it is a symptom of a systematic dysfunction that effect and affect everything else in our bodies and lives.

I am sure there are some scientists out there looking for an interesting project to tackle, something that would change the world as we know it, and increase the quality of life ob Billions of people the world over.  My ED affects me, my partner, and my mood therefore my performance at work, with family and friends: nobody likes to be around someone who is moody.

So, my experimentation and journey continues, but I am just a tree in the middle of a huge forest, and there’s nobody there to pick up on the hints and clues that I am able to collect, and take these hints and clues to a higher level.

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