State of things 3/12/2016

I have been supplement free for over 10 days now, and things are a lot better.  It sucks that I have spent so much money and wasted so much time.  I am sure that some of them are useful, but I doubt that any one of them is life-changing.

I have seen better results by limiting fat, and keeping attention to saturated fat.

Now I am confident that I am able to perform when I have my weekly big date (with “C), and that’s the most important thing.
Outside from that, I am able to have sex at least every other day, at times more often, without “C”.

Looking ahead:

  • New experiments start on Thursday, the day after my big date
  • Experiments last 1 week or longer
  • Experiment pipeline:
    1. increase protein to 180 gr/day
    2. increase saturated fat (increases Testosterone)
    3. increase protein to 200 gr/day
    4. Add: Creatine
    5. Add: ZMA
    6. Add: L-Arginine
    7. Add: Omega-3 supplement

In summary these are the things that affect sex functions that I need to address/improve:

  • Nitric Oxide (NO): I have this solved with food
  • Testosterone:
    • Saturated fat experiment
    • more research needed
  • Sensitivity:
    • in recent years I have relied on hard masturbation in order to release. I have stopped this habit
    • I’ll use lubrication when masturbating in the future
    • More research is needed how improve sensitivity
  • Pelvic floor muscle: more research is needed
  • Cardiovascular health: fine, no problems
  • Mental health: fine, no problems

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