State of things 3/15/2016

I have successfully beat Erectile Dysfunction.
I know it’s a bit premature, pun intended, but I know how I feel now, and how I have felt in the past.
FACT: These days I can have full PIV sex with no loss of erection and big release at least every other day with no “C”.
SPECULATION (to be tested this week): I can have full PIV sex with no loss of erection and big release every day for short stretches 2/3 days still with no “C”.
MORE SPECULATION (not to be tested): … and longer stretches with the help of “C”.

What a difference a few days make: I am constantly horny, stimulated, sensitive, persistent, ready to release; and yet very calm.  Of course I am excited, but I am very pragmatic about it: tomorrow’s BIG DATE is going to be the best. Ever.

I have the protocol down, which actually has some flexibility in it:

  1. Absolutely no supplement or special foods. This is kind of funny/hysterical considering how much money I have wasted and how many things I have tried.  I have the hunch that a handful of them, 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 might help.  It’s going to be a long process to experiment with those since I am not using the protocol
    • 2 weeks baseline; no new supplement
    • then 2 weeks supplement documenting the changes; unless terminated prematurely due to poor performance.
    • 2 weeks withdrawal; control for placebo effect and other variables.
    • 2 weeks new baseline, before adding a new supplement
    • repeat back from no new supplement baseline for ANY combination
  2. Nitric Oxide rich foods with every meal
  3. 2,500-3,000 calories
  4. 360 gr of Carbohydrates (250-375  range)
  5. 180 gr of Protein (170-200 range)
  6. 90 gr of Fat (60-80 range, 90 if 360 of C and 180 of P)
  7. 10% of calories from Saturated Fat (influences Testosterone). This is a present ongoing experiment since before I was constantly in the 2%-6% range and I seem to recall that morning performance was rock-hard better after some dinner parties with more Saturated fat that my usual diet.

Any deviation to the protocol can be corrected right away, with no bad performance and higher quality of life.

The experimentation continues, I am curious to see what levels of performance I can achieve and if I can drop “C” completely.


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