Back in March I felt like a teenager, and that was before I discovered PIED.

Back in March I wrote (link):

From my Log:

– 11:30 AM IMPORTANT: just about to jump in the shower, my flaccid penis is definitely engorged visibly full of blood, and appears to be visibly longer/bigger. Not that I have become hung overnight, but it’s surely “plump”.

and also

– 11:30 AM IMPORTANT: in the shower I got a half erection yet a very powerful one just by washing my penis. I don’t ever remember the last time that happened, years ago for sure, probably over a decade ago. It felt good.

then again

– 6:15 PM SEX: I was horny. I was watching a movie on TV and the only thing I could think about was sex sex sex and sex. So much that I achieved a spontaneous (no direct stimulation) erection, an hard as a rock erection. Took my gf to the bedroom and had good sex, in control, hard as a rock, no signs of losing erection, variety of positions, and then full, copious and powerful release of a big load.

summarized as

3/20/2016 6 PM SEX 2/2 GREATEST EVER no “C”

How did that happened?


  • high Protein at 205 grams
  • high fats at 119 grams
  • higher than my usual Saturated fats at 8% of calories (28 grams)
  • only chicken for protein (breast for lunch, drumsticks for dinner), no fish
  • normal sleep
  • no supplements
  • no special foods
  • no foods out of the ordinary, except drumsticks
  • I even workout at the gym the day prior and the day of.

So, time to go back to that diet!  Including Nitric Oxide (NO) foods.


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