When I was younger, a lot younger, I used to joke that one’s Sex Life was a leading indicator of the State of Health: I was right even if I didn’t know any better.

In this age of chemical medicine, and looking for shortcuts like supplements in order to compensate and overcompensate our shortcomings, going back to healthy basis is the healthiest solution of today’s maladies.

TL;DR: As long as you have morning wood, you’re healthy.

So, what’s bad for health is bad for Sex:

  • Smoking
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol: sure they say a little is enough, up to each one of us to define what little is or be in denial. However if you’re into beer, please research the effects of beer on Testosterone
  • Being overweight or obese (high body fat %)
  • Diabetes
  • Other chronic diseases
  • Lack of exercise
  • Table sugar, and other refined carbs
  • Calories dense foods
  • Junk food
  • Lack of whole foods in your diet, especially fruits and vegetables

Some of the items in the list are related and there’s also overlaps between some of them.  Remedy involves stopping certain behaviors, modify some others, and picking up new healthier activities, in short we all need D.E.L.:

  • New Diet
  • More Exercise
  • Better Lifestyle

I had most of it covered it.  Where did I go wrong?

  • Almost quit eating fresh vegetables and fruits, I fell for the IIFYM philosophy; therefore my diet lacked Nitric Oxide (NO).
  • Un-balanced my diet emphasizing protein.
  • Clueless about fat, went from too low fat, too too high; same for saturated fat.

This is what’s really interesting about habits, how it’s easy to slip back from new good habits, to old bad habits; if I look at previous states, I can see that I have been at this point, feeling as if I had solved my ED issue thanks to a better diet, only to revert back to bad diet/habits. (Links).

The future:

  • Continue what I am doing.
  • Add Vitamin D.
  • Research ways to increase available Testosterone by way to decrease Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) or sex steroid-binding globulin (SSBG):
    • Decreasing Estrogen.
    • Increase foods that have anti-aromatase activity (white button mushrooms).
  • Sleep more (without sleep aid pills), even if I have to take afternoon naps.
  • Decrease Cortisol by sleeping longer/more; keep workouts at ~60 minutes and mitigate chronic stress.

Life’s Good!

Further reading: Testosterone and Nitric Oxide.


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