1. Too much body fat leads to a plethora of dysfunctions.  And too low body fat % leads to hormonal dysfunction.
    What is my optimal body fat %?
  2. I understand that my TDEE is the amount of calories necessary to remain within my optimal body fat % (see #1 above), but what is my ideal macro split?
  3. Saturated fat are bad only in too large quantities; and conversely too low saturated fat leads to dysfunction: what is the optimal daily intake of saturated fat? And does the source (animal vs vegetable source) matters?
  4. Am I having too much Fiber at 60-70 gr/day? (Fiber decreases Testosterone)
  5. What is the cause of losing erection doing PIV sex?
  6. Now that I have solved my erection issues, how can I improve my refractory period? Is it a hormonal system?